America is in an Information Crisis


96 Million Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen. Yahoo/YouGov

89 Million Americans believe voter fraud is a major problem. Monmouth University

264 Million Americans can't name their state legislators. Johns Hopkins University

185 Million Americans don't trust traditional media. Forbes


The Good Information Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2021 to tackle the growing information crisis in America that is undermining social trust, harming public health, and damaging our democracy.

The mission of the Good Information Foundation is to increase the flow of good, factual information online to counter and rebut the spread of misinformation and disinformation. We do this by creating, incubating, funding and lifting up fact-based solutions, voices, programs and initiatives that can be quickly developed, tested and deployed at scale. We are on offense against disinformation.

The Good Information Foundation will incubate and invest in efforts that:

  • Develop and deliver factual, relevant and local information to specific populations who live in news deserts, are under-reached by trusted news organizations, and who are vulnerable to being reached with bad information
  • Develop training programs and curriculum for young journalists, content creators and organizers committed to building a better internet and fact-based media ecosystem
  • Produce new research, case studies and thought leadership that identify, measure and elevate new solutions to countering and diluting the effects of disinformation on vulnerable communities
  • Develop civic education, training and communication programs that help increase informed civic participation among lower-voting and non-voting communities
  • Provide direct support to mission-aligned organizations and individuals working at the forefront of the information crisis to scale tested efforts to increase the flow of good information online

Good Information Foundation is the non-profit arm of Good Information Inc., a public benefit corporation committed to restoring social trust and strengthening democracy by investing in solutions that counter disinformation and increase the flow of good information online.


Voting Counts

Voting Counts will create and launch a nationwide advertising campaign to restore trust in our elections. This will involve not only debunking the conspiracy theories around the 2020 election, but also pioneering new ways of rebuilding trust in our election system. This is a major effort, requiring deep research, message development, and testing before launching a focused and sustained national campaign. 

Good Information Civic News Initiative

Through the Civic News Initiative (CNI), the Foundation will fund and organize a network of local and niche media properties, freelance reporters, editors and social content producers to distribute factual, values-driven news and content to the communities in which they live that effectively counter and dilute the impact of disinformation. The Foundation will compensate publishers and freelancers and influencers to publish their original reporting online and offer the content free of charge to any global, national, state or local news organizations looking to bolster their reporting capacity and coverage within those communities and geographies.



The Good Information Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization committed to financial accountability and transparency. We rely on funding from individual donors, and public and private foundations. Contributions or gifts to Good Information are deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions to the extent allowable by law. For more information or to support our work please email